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Want to track your carbon emissions on an ongoing basis?

Knowing, tracking and reporting carbon emissions will become more and more important as New Zealand moves to carbon zero by 2050. For Smart Power clients where we manage your electricity, gas and LPG, tracking happens automatically and reports can be obtained at any time.

Because we verify and check invoices on an ongoing basis, the information is accurate and up to date, which means no surprises when it’s time for annual reporting. Our calculations use the latest Ministry of the Environment factors that are available. It’s worth taking a deeper dive into the value Smart Power can add to your carbon emissions reporting. This has the potential to become quite complex – but we take away any headaches.

Tracking other emission sources.

Energy bills are just the beginning. The Smart Power system can also monitor and report your other emissions as well.

It’s simply a matter of providing us with usage information as regularly as you wish to be able to see the data and emissions. These other emissions can be things like petrol, rental cars, taxis, flights, accommodation and waste.

This means all your emission data is in one place and reports can easily be generated. The additional cost to do this can be very low, especially if the data is provided to us in a simple totals format. It then gets uploaded, has the appropriate factors applied, and the carbon emission is calculated.

Just tell us how much detail you require.

How regularly you add extra emission sources, and how often you wish to track and report them, is up to you. Energy use is tracked monthly, so a monthly update can ensure there are no surprises at the end of the year. If you just wish to have an annual total, then all you have to do is provide the information after the year.

The granularity of the emissions tracking is again up to you. For example, you could track emissions per vehicle or employee. However our costs will go up accordingly, based on the time to get the information into the database.

We can take also reports from suppliers such as Fleetcard or travel agencies. Bear in mind, our costs are related to how much detail you require and how regularly you require reports, plus the quality of the information.

The key thing to remember is that if we are already tracking your energy emissions, then for little extra cost you can have your other emission sources added, so reporting is all in one place.