Unlock extra value and benefits with
Group Energy Purchase

When you’re part of a group – such as a trade association or franchise network – it can be difficult and time-consuming for each individual operator to access the most competitive energy offers.

The solution is simple. Bring everyone together and share in the cost reductions from a bulk group energy purchasing arrangement.

At GEP, we know how to tailor a deal that meets everyone’s needs. With our expertise in bulk procurement, we will negotiate the best pricing available from the market. At the same time, we’ll work one-on-one with each business in your group to ensure it has the most suitable arrangements to complement its operations.

You get the best of both worlds: bulk purchase benefits plus personalised service.

The benefits

Bulk buying power lets you access the best deals

GEP applies a grouping method to deliver the size that enables strength of negotiation. By offering larger volume to the energy suppliers, we attract the most competitive offers.

Regular reviews to ensure you’re always getting the best rates

We review and renew group energy supply arrangements every 24 to 36 months, to ensure you obtain the sharpest current rates available in the market.

Optimised for each member

We analyse all components of an energy bill, including capacity, demand, and power factor charges. Many businesses have inherited contracts from previous suppliers or occupants of their site. We start with a clean sheet and look to deliver the best outcome for each operator, with the least amount of effort required from you.

One point of contact and excellent, no-fuss service

Our expertise in energy management means we set up contracts and ongoing arrangements to suit your exact needs. But if you have any questions or need to make changes, we’re always available to discuss your needs. One phone call is all it takes.

Affordable for every member of your group

Bulk energy procurement usually requires a significant up-front fee for analysis of usage, tender preparation, offer analysis and contract negotiations. However, GEP delivers these services for a small pay-as-you-go fee, which can be as little as a few dollars per week. This brings the benefits of bulk energy purchase within reach of small businesses – and it’s great for cashflow.

Strengthen your group’s offer and reinforce loyalty

Ongoing energy savings are a big bonus for the individual operators in a group. By using our group energy procurement service, you add to the value and strength of the group, which enables more focus and time to be spent on driving success. It can also strengthen the operators’ commitment to the group.

Contact us

If you’re working in a head office role to support multiple franchisees or partners, we can help you put together a compelling energy procurement package that will benefit the group. And if you belong to an association or group with many operators, we can ensure the group obtains the lowest possible cost available from the energy market for every participating member.

Email or call Brett Cameron on brett.cameron@smartpower.co.nz or +64 21 590 974.