How can Smart Power help my organisation become more sustainable?

It starts with an accurate measure of your carbon emissions, because you can only properly manage the things you accurately monitor.

Next, we take a long, hard look at energy efficiency, enabled by an audit and data analysis. We’ll highlight options to reduce consumption, so you’ll receive the same or better outcomes from lower inputs.

Smart Power will also help you move away from old, carbon-heavy sources such as coal boilers. Our technical team can provide expert, independent advice to make the switch to electro-boilers or biofuels.

There may even be times when it’s better to use more energy, as long as that energy comes from a green source. For instance, batteries are not very efficient, but if you use them to store electricity from solar panels, you can offset that energy against more carbon-emitting sources.

The last step is procuring green energy. Whether it’s installing solar on your site or negotiating with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), our procurement team can help you find the optimum solution.