Orora Beverage Cans NZ


Service Provided:

Energy audit

Benefits Realised:

• 30% savings in electricity
• 30% savings in gas
• 30% less greenhouse gas emissions

An energy audit on Orora’s Wiri plant in South Auckland spurred Orora to undertake a huge overhaul of the facility, which in the space of 3 years, led to an impressive 30% savings in electricity, gas and greenhouse gas emissions.

Orora Beverage Cans’ plant at Wiri has had an energy efficiency make-over after a group-wide energy audit by Smart Power found it to be the site most in need of some fine tuning and new energy efficient technology.

The audit highlighted a list of ways in which the plant could save energy, so a team of engineers got to work installing new variable speed drive air compressors, undertaking air-leakage surveys and making necessary repairs, installing high-efficiency heating and lighting controls and putting insulation on heating water reticulation and washer tanks.

Since energy-management work started in 2013, Orora has seen electricity and gas use drop by around 30% along with a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 30% increase in productivity. Having smartened up the energy use at Wiri, the site now acts as a model of what can be achieved at other Orora sites and is an exemplar for other companies with similar industrial outfits on how energy efficiency can be used to improve productivity. The recent installation of LED lights and optimisation of compressed air systems installed in 2015 now has the Wiri site on track to require only 15,500 kilowatt-hours of energy to produce a million cans – which is world-class efficiency.

As a result of their successes, Orora Beverage Cans claimed two awards at the highly acclaimed EECA Awards – Winner of the Large Energy User Award, and Highly Commended in the Energy Management Award.