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Partnered with Smart Power to reduce their energy bill while laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future.

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Energy optimisation neatly packaged for Amcor.
Australian company Amcor has grown to become a global leader in flexible plastic packaging. And with six sites in Australia alone, it’s a significant consumer of electricity and gas.

Navigating the complexities of the energy market can be challenging for any business, let alone one with Amcor’s footprint. Find out how they partnered with Smart Power to reduce their energy bill while laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future.


Energy expertise on demand.
The Australian energy market is competitive and constantly evolving. This is good news for large users, as it means there’s no shortage of options for energy supply. On the other hand, it can be bewildering in its complexity.

Amcor’s Procurement Manager, Graham Reekie, says it’s vital to have a sense of when prices are going to rise or drop – and to know which providers will offer the most attractive mix of rates, terms and contract lengths.

“Amcor has some ambitious sustainability targets. It’s important we partner with the right people to help us achieve our goals.” Graham says.

Amcor’s solution? Partner with an energy market specialist such as Smart Power. They provide the insights – and also advise when the business should act to obtain the maximum advantage.


Timing is money.
According Graham Reekie, choosing when you go the market is a critical factor in driving down energy costs. Not only that – you have to move fast.

“When conditions are right, you often have a limited window of opportunity. In that time, Smart Power collates all our usage data, launches a tender, speaks to suppliers, analyses their proposals, makes a recommendation, and helps manage the negotiations.

“It’s complex, and we couldn’t move that fast without additional resources. But it means we can lock in the most favourable pricing and know that the process is robust.”

Amcor leverages Smart Power’s Trans-Tasman expertise in New Zealand to help identify usage optimisation opportunities at their four NZ sites. Smart Power also helps Amcor navigate government support for its energy audits.


The drive to renewable energy.
At the same time, Smart Power has helped Amcor make progress on its global pledge to operate more sustainably. It does this by providing expert advice on green power options.

These can also be hard to analyse. For instance, would Amcor be better off (and more environmentally responsible) with solar units on its rooftops, or could it achieve the same objective in a different way?

Graham Reekie says Smart Power can help work through these issues and engage at a senior level. Ultimately, it’s about setting smart objectives for sustainability, and then getting specialist advice on how to meet them.


Driving down costs.
Amcor has been working with Smart Power for many years. In that time, Graham says the business has been able to achieve cost savings on a number of occasions with the support of the Smart Power tender team.

“It has a lot to do with timing and market conditions,” he says. “Smart Power add value to the tender process because they can tell us with confidence, ‘Now’s the right time to go to market.’”

It helps that the Smart Power team know the Australian electricity and gas market inside-out, and they make their expertise easily available.

“I can pick up the phone and talk to an energy expert any time,” Graham says. “He’s more than happy to give me the benefit of his experience and provide pointers on the recommended moves to make.”