Smart Power New Zealand’s Brett Cameron, Nathan Carruthers and Ken Syme took two days out of their normal busy schedules to represent the Smart Power team at the Aged Care Procurement Conference in Auckland last week.

As the newcomers on the exhibitors list, Smart Power drew the attention of attendees who ranged from large scale commercial aged care providers to much smaller privately owned operations. “The overriding theme of the conference was on showing why it’s important to maintain a commercial approach when it comes to securing supply agreements” explains Brett. “What we noticed was that this is a growing industry and yet there are a lot of operators out there who do not apply basic commercial procurement systems to what they do.”

With Smart Power already enjoying an established partnership with Oceania Healthcare (among others) – New Zealand’s largest provider of aged care facilities – the two days gave Nathan, Brett and Ken the chance to catch up with Sally Johannesson (pictured above with Ken), their national procurement manager as well as observe the wider aged care industry and the other exhibitors in action. “The success of our partnership with Sally and her team at Oceania tells us that smaller partners would also have a lot to gain from working with us” says Brett. “We’re looking forward to following up on the contacts we made during the conference, it’s definitely a growing industry and an exciting space for Smart Power to be doing more in in the near future. “